Car-Free Living in Tempe with Culdesac

Car-Free Living in Tempe with Culdesac

In the heart of Tempe, Arizona, something extraordinary is happening – Culdesac’s car-free living experience. It’s all about sustainability, convenience, and a vibrant urban lifestyle that’s reshaping the way we live.

Culdesac Tempe isn’t just another housing development; it’s a glimpse into the future of urban living. Imagine a community where cars aren’t part of the equation. It’s a breath of fresh air, free from parking woes and gridlock.


No more worrying about parking spaces or enduring rush hour traffic. As a Culdesac resident, you’re entitled to a range of mobility benefits. This includes 15% off all Lyft rides, complimentary metro rides, and hassle-free access to Bird scooters. Need a car for a quick errand? Car-sharing options are available starting at just $5 per hour with Envoy. With more than 1,000 bike parking spots and over 2 miles of bike and footpaths, it’s a haven for cyclists and walkers.

Your home at Culdesac Tempe is designed to be a desert oasis. Natural light, luxurious finishes, and pet-friendly policies make it a welcoming place to call home. No more visits to the laundromat – in-unit washer and dryer make life more convenient.

Culdesac Tempe is a remarkable experiment in urban living. As the first car-free neighborhood in the United States, it offers an intriguing vision of a lifestyle centered on sustainability, community, and convenience. If you’re seeking a fresh perspective on urban living that minimizes car dependency it might just be your ideal next destination.