Eco-Friendly Materials for a Better Future – Bellroy

Eco-Friendly Materials for a Better Future – Bellroy

Bellroy is a brand that prioritizes sustainability and innovation in their products. They started just as a simple idea and turned into something big. Now they strive to achieve a better, more-balanced future.

Sustainable and Innovative Products with Bellroy


Bellroy was created to help people move through the world with ease and energy. They are an Australian brand that began as an idea around a kitchen table back in 2010. They consist of a diverse team, based all around the world. 25 countries are represented in their Melbourne HQ alone.

Bellroy give it their best to develop materials that are the best fit for their purpose, and aim to make their products sustainable. They use eco-tanned leathers, recycled fabrics and more.

Plant-based fabric is yet another innovation by the team of Bellroy. The leather alternative is made from natural rubber, soy beans and biomass charcoal. It is designed to be flexible and feel good to the touch. Bellroy also offers leather-free options for those who prefer them.

The company’s vision for the future is one in which people, animals, and the planet can support and sustain each other without any sacrifices being necessary. They strive to maintain the quality and sustainability of their products while also protecting animals. For example 100% of the leather used by Bellroy is sourced from Leather Working gold-rated tanneries, due to their environmental practices.

Bellroy is a brand that prioritizes sustainability and quality in their products. Their team works towards creating eco-friendly materials that are suitable for their intended purposes. They want a balanced and peaceful future where people and animals coexist.