Healthier Dogs with the Help of Loyal

Healthier Dogs with the Help of Loyal

Introducing Loyal – a veterinary company founded by a group of dog-loving medical professionals, transforming the world of dog healthcare.

The Medications that will Transform Canine Health 


Loyal is a pet startup with an admirable mission: to enhance dogs’ quality of life and increase their lifespan. Their team of experts, including scientists, veterinarians, and dog enthusiasts, is dedicated to achieving this goal.

As someone who believes that animals should be protected and cared for, I appreciate Loyal’s efforts in this regard. Their research-driven approach is based on decades of study on the biology of aging, with the aim of mitigating the issues and illnesses that accompany aging in dogs and providing a better and longer life for our beloved pets.


Loyal is a clinical-stage veterinary medicine company that is developing drugs to help aging in both small and large breed dogs. These drugs are expected to be available in 2024 and 2026 for small and large/giant breeds, respectively.

Loyal is not only developing drugs to improve the lives of dogs, but they are also carrying out the biggest dog epigenetics study to date. You can participate by completing surveys and photo challenges about your dog, which will provide valuable data to help Loyal in their mission to enhance the well-being of dogs worldwide.


Furthermore, veterinarians can collaborate with Loyal on clinical trials to aid dogs globally while meeting the demands of their profession.

Animals are an essential part of our world, and it is our responsibility to protect and care for them, especially those that need help. I am grateful for Loyal’s commitment to this cause and for their work in advancing veterinary medicine.

By joining Loyal’s study, we can all contribute to improving the lives of dogs all around the world. We can work together towards a healthier and longer life for our barking friends.