Leilo’s Kava Drinks – The Alternative to Alcohol

Leilo’s Kava Drinks – The Alternative to Alcohol

Leilo aim to reduce alcohol intake by replacing it with Kava Drinks. They are healthier, and better looking than alcohol, especially the sugar-free one.

Replace Alcohol with a Healthier Alternative – Leilo


Leilo is a beverage start-up that has created an alternative to alcoholic beverages using Kava, a plant grown in the Pacific Islands, which has traditionally been used as medicine.

Islanders use kava to induce relaxation and reduce anxiety. The calming effects of kava come from a combination of the plant’s 18 different kavalactones, of which only six are necessary for it to have an effect. This is why Leilo has different drinks for different relaxation effects; some work as sleep aids, while others help relieve anxiety during the day.

Leilo offers various flavors for different occasions, as well as a sugar-free option. It is the perfect beverage for people who want a calming sensation or something to relieve stress and help them focus on their work. It is a great alternative to nicotine.


While clubbing or partying often involves drinking alcohol, there are people who don’t enjoy it or just want to stay sober. That’s probably a part of why Leilo created its kava drinks. It’s important to note that children should not consume kava drinks or supplements, as most relaxation supplements and drugs can be addictive, especially for young people.

As time passes, people are becoming more aware of how harmful alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs can be, and they are starting to look for less harmful alternatives. In ten years, we could see Leilo at parties instead of alcohol, but only time will tell.