The 3 Best Time Management Apps

The 3 Best Time Management Apps

People’s schedules are packed with meetings, work, research, events, and daily responsibilities. This often leads to feelings of inadequacy and the perception of lacking sufficient time. That is why we’re showing you the best time management apps.

Top tier calendar tools to manage your events and meetings.

Being busy is considered normal. Most of the time you end up feeling like you haven’t done enough or that you haven’t had the time to. The truth is, half of that time was probably spend thinking what to do next and worrying about your schedule.

That’s where calendar and scheduling apps come in clutch. They help you plan your day better and keep a track of it. I’ve used spreadsheets in the past but you always have to go back, search for the file, open it, manually update it, and it’s a big hassle. That’s why we’re here to show you the top 3 calendar apps. – super detailed, synced between all devices, custom themes, customizable widgets for quick access and more.  – a simplistic calendar with a real-time automatic sync. – with Morgen you can share your availability, personalize your booking page, and integrate your calendars, to-do apps, and productivity tools to get the most out of it.

Each and every one of these apps have their own different benefits. Everyone has a preference and a different lifestyle so we’ll help you choose the one that fits you.


A visual day planner with a task manager. It is mostly for people who need help with managing their days. The app lets you choose custom icons and colors, customizable widgets and even themes. You can play around with it and make it match your preferences. It is a highly customizable app with many details, it also provides a data sync between all devices. SuperPlanner is an app for everyday use, I would use something simpler for work, otherwise it’s a cool app with an insane amount of details and customizable options, which is always great to see.


A simplistic with all the necessary tools to configure exactly what you want to sync. It is more work oriented, your team can see when you’re free and what you have on your calendar. Of course you don’t want them stalking your personal life, and that’s why you can exclude events from syncing, They offer Team Plans for organizations and everything is updated in real time. It is not as fun or as colorful as SuperPlanner but it is definitely better suited for a work environment, and that’s where it shines.


Morgen is somewhat of a mix between the two listed above. While it leaning more towards the work environment, it’s still great and with different options/features. Instead of syncing your calendar with your colleagues, you can just schedule a meeting through Morgen and send them the link. Another way to share your availability is through Morgen’s customizable booking pages. It’s biggest benefit is the amount of apps  that you can integrate. They offer integration for the most popular calendars, to-dos, and conferencing tools.

Personally I’m split between the three. All of the apps offer different things but I like SuperPlanner’s UI and Design a lot more, although if I focus on using it for work I’d use one of the other two. I wish I could get the best of all 3 and use it at once, but each of them is good in it’s own way.  Whichever one I pick, I’m sure it’ll help me manage my chaotic schedule.